CBSE AFFILIATED :: Upto Class XII :: Admission going on for Class I to Class IX and Class XI(Science & Commerce)

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'     ...Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Bina Mohit Memorial School

Youth is the spring time of the body. A healthy mind in a healthy body has been the ideal of the good school in the centuries old Public School tradition as in the Vedic Indian tradition. Good health and an all-round intellectual, moral and academic education during school days are perhaps the most important assets a child can have.

Thus, both good health and good education are provided at Bina Mohit Memorial School, Mahish Bathan, Cooch Behar. The school is named in the sweet memory of Late Shri Mohit kanti Dhar and late Smt. Bina Dhar. The school is located almost 5 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town, Cooch Behar.

The school started with a dream to provide world class education, a school where learning is a joy and teaching is a pleasure. The mission of our school is to provide responsible global citizens and to impart education that shall promote educational excellence, physical fitness, emotional and spiritual health.

BMMS is a Co ed English Medium School following CBSE curriculum. Here English is the first Language and Hindi/Bengali is the second language as per the option of the parents.
At present, the school has been upgraded to senior secondary level having 10 + 2 pattern with Science and Commerce streams. Computer literacy starts from class I onwards.
Apart from academic activities, equal emphasis is also given on co-academic spheres like Art & Craft,Music, Games, Yoga & Sports under the guidance of qualified & competent teachers in their respective fields for the holistic development of the students.
Far from the madding crowd, the school has flourished like a soaring tree aspiring to touch the sky and to strengthen its roots deep into the ground.
Dear Parents,

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to serve as the Principal of Bina Mohit Memorial School.

My personal belief about education is that every child can learn and it is thus our focus to ensure that every child learns under our guidance. We must remember that a child cannot be taught, he can only be guided, streamlined and developed. Hence the primary role and responsibility of an educator is to be a people developer.

The foundation for our students’ success is based on the partnership among students, staff & parents. Active parent participation is very important. The staff provides a nurturing environment in which our young kids can learn and thrive. We also have an optional extra-curricular activity program every Friday where multifarious disciplines like music, dance, cricket, football, etc. are taught under the careful guidance of renowned teachers.

As Bina Mohit Memorial School aspires to be the best school, we will work towards greater achievements and excellence together as a team and we also look forward to your active participation and contributions to help us realize our vision to be the best school in this community.

We pledge to work for every child and in the process, open new vistas in the area of education. We also want B.M.M.S. to be a place where every child can say – “ I can do it”.
Mrs. Nina Roy,  Principal

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