CBSE AFFILIATED :: Upto Class X :: Admission going on for Class I to Class IX

Vice Chairman Message

NAME : Mr. Subrata Dhar
Vice Chairman, (BMMS)

It is often said that it is the journey rather than destination that matters and the same goes for the schools also. The small seed which was planted in 2010 with the pious motto of providing quality education to the children of our society is turning into a gigantic shady tree. My personal belief is that dreams determine what you expect from life but what you get from life is the manifestation of your actions.
Your Dreams, Our Commitment.

The BMMS has been a constant source of unfathomable knowledge, creativity & value guidance to the students for last three years and nothing but time stands testimony to this.

Binamohitans must believe in themselves & in their lofty goals , must make big plans, aim even higher & work tirelessly to always remain at the pinnacle of their achievements. I have complete faith in their inherent potentials to revolutionalise the meaning of success & excellence. I offer my thanks to the teaching staff & all those who have been indirectly associated for the welfare of the school & have been pillars of strength. I am also thankful to the parents for their sustained support which enables students to do the best in their studies, curricular & co- curricular activities.

At the end, I will simply like to state that this is only the beginning & we have a long way to go. With full belief in the ‘’CREATOR’’, we will surely attain unpretentious foresighted path to get ahead in the world. I vehemently hope that the school will acquire the status of an International School in the days to come.