CBSE AFFILIATED :: Upto Class X :: Admission going on for Class I to Class IX


1. The Academic year is from April to March.

2. Promotion is granted to a student on the basis of his/her performance in various examinations held during the year.

3. A student will be removed from school if :

     a) He/She fails in the same class for two consecutive years.
     b) Disobedience and disrespect towards staff members.
     c) A bad habit.
     d) If the school feels that he/she is of dubious moral character.
     e) Irregular attendance.
     f) Introduction of harmful, obscene literature.
     g) For leaving the school without the expressed permission of the principal.
     h) Habitual late payments by the parents.
     i) Damage of school property.

While every care will be taken to prevent accidents, the school will not be liable for injuries sustained by the pupil in the course of everyday activities.
A fine may be levied on late comers or their seat be declared vacant.